Tours to Georgia from the company «Georgia-Tour»

Decided to go to Georgia? While You are here. On this website you will be able to choose any tour in Georgia for themselves and their friends.

Why our company?

  • We are a tour operator. We organize tours ourselves, so we are cheaper.
  • Tours for every taste. For You, we can make any trip ranging from wine tours, ending with a rafting down the mountain rivers of the Caucasus.
  • We offer those places where themselves were. We live in Georgia and drive ourselves to the places where we send our guests. Therefore, we know everything not from the Internet, but from our own experience.
  • A flexible system of discounts and promotions. Periodically we hold promotions and give discounts to our visitors.
  • Additional service. If you wish, you can order: insurance, hotel, car rental, etc.

Why Georgia?

  • Cheap transfer. You can get to Georgia by any transport and quite inexpensive. Airfare from CIS countries worth $ 60.e. in the same direction.
  • Rest at any time of the year. Sea, mountains, rivers, snow and so on. – that’s all there is in Georgia.
  • Inexpensive accommodation and meals. Hotel prices and meals are shocking in a good way.
  • Many historical and cultural values. Churches, museums, monuments – this is an incomplete list of what awaits you.

Основатель и руководитель компании 7topstravel.

Konstantin Nesvetailov

Основатель и руководитель компании 7topstravel. Знание языков: русский, украинский, грузинский, английский.

Leadership Team

Irina Shuluhiya

Leading tourism manager. Languages: Russian, Georgian, English.

Ekaterina Iavtushenko

Specialist for work with partners. Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English.

Ekaterina Konopleva

Tourism manager Languages: Russian, English.


Individual Tourism Expert


Leading guide for work with individual customers


Leading guide for work with groups.